Viking Malt has arrived in Africa!

Ursula Phillips, Cape Town
06th January 2018

We have exciting news!

Along with our superior quality Weyermann® speciality malt, we now also offer an excellent European pilsner base malt from Viking Malt Sweden.

So who are Viking Malt?

Viking Malt is the world’s leading malting company of speciality malts based in Sweden. Established in 1883, they have 135 years of experience and export to 65 different countries around the world, including now SOUTH AFRICA! Their malts come from the pure fields of Northern Europe and are shipped from six malting plants all over the world to brewers both big and small. Viking Malt has an annual production capacity of 600 000 tonnes.


A little history about Viking Malt

Their story dates back to 1883, when Oy Lahden Polttimo Ab was founded in Lahti, Finland.

The founders of Lahden Polttimo, Captain and Court Councillor August Fellman and brewer Henrik Mattsson, initially started the operation as a liquor distillery. Strict legislation on alcohol challenged the company’s operations during the first few decades, so the owners sold their shares to Master Distiller Ferdinand Frigrén. Polttimo Oy has been owned by the same family ever since. In May 2013, Harald Relander’s son Pär-Gustaf, representing the fifth generation of the family, took over as owner and Chairman of the Board for the company.

The year 1934 saw the birth of our malt production in Finland. Polttimo Oy began to internationalize in the 1970s through corporate partnerships. Nord-Malt was established in Söderhamn, Sweden, alongside Svenska Malt AB in Halmstad. Litmalt in Lithuania joined the company in 1997.

In 2016 Viking Malt joined forces with Danish Malting Group. DMG was founded in 1996 and it is the largest malting house in Denmark. In Poland the oldest DMG maltings in Strzegom dates back to 1897 and the DMG Polska maltings in Sierpc were constructed in 1975.

The new Viking Malt is today the biggest malting house in the Baltic Rim area and 5th largest in Europe with close to 600 k tn malting capacity/a.


Where is Viking Malt situated?

Viking Malt offer malt that come from the pure fields of Northern Europe and are shipped all over the world to brewers both big and small.

Viking Malt has malthouses in Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Lithuania, Finland and Poland.


More about Viking Pilsner base malt


Pilsner Malt is made from 2-row spring barley. Steeping and germination conditions are chosen to promote even germination and homogenous modification. The final air-on temperature in kilning is typically 80-85 °C. Pilsner malt flavour is usually described as malty, slightly nutty and sweet.


Great malt for all malt beers but there is enough activity and character for base malt use in many brewing applications. For all kind of whiskies. The colour of pilsner malt is low.


Download the Viking Pilsner malt spec sheet here.

Where can you order Viking Malt?

Ask for BevPlus for distribution within South Africa and Dematech for the rest of Africa.

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