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18th July 2018

Malt. One of the key ingredients in beer. An ingredient that can drastically affect the flavour and appearance of the beer. An ingredient that, because of this, needs to be of the highest quality in order to achieve that same quality in the end product.  In South Africa, bevPLUS is the sole distributor of Weyermann® Malt, one of the best and most trusted malt brands in the world.  We sell a wide variety of specialty malt to craft and home brewers alike, from the lighter Oak Smoked Wheat Malt to the darker Carafa Special Malt types.


This winter, we’re offering some amazing malt speciasl to keep you brewing through the colder days! To shop Weyermann® malts online, click here:


So how does Weyermann® Malt influence your beer?

  • The aroma produced is distinct, yet pleasant.

  • The foam is ensured to be voluminous and stable

  • The colour of your beer is always intense and consistent

  • Your beer is ensured to have definitive flavour and character

  • And produce full body and a rich mouthfeel


Weyermann® has ensured choosing your malt variety is made easy, making available certain tools for its customers to ensure they are using the the right malt for their new beer production. These tools include a Malt aroma wheel, a colour spectrum chart, and a malt batch analysis chart that states all of the material’s qualities and distinctions, making it easy for the brewer to identify which malts are best for their choice of beer and brewing method.


Weyermann®, founded in 1879, is a German owned family business located in Bamberg and is globally known for its production of specialty malts and kosher malt. The Weyermann® Philosophy has always been to deliver the best quality and service, the highest competence in malt and beer, and to keep with tradition and modern technology. As Brewer and Maltster, Axel Jany, states: “Weyermann® Malt is the Soul of Beers in 138 Countries – on all Continents”.


In addition to producing Malt, Weyermann® has their own pilot brewery, a 2,5 hl brewhouse that produces 200 brews per year in a 60hl storage capacity. Using all their own recipe designs and product development, their current systems are fully automated to produce two brews every 8 hours. The brewery also holds brewing courses and seminars for customers interested in the Weyermann® brewing processes. Some of the beers that Weyermann® produce can be seen here:

click here to browse through the different Malt types we have in stock or get in touch with us on info@bevplus.com or call us on 021 820 9500 to find out more!


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